Turn the Discord noise into roadmap clarity

Feedtrack bridges the gap between lively discussions and strategic planning, ensuring every voice is heard and every idea has a place.

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Feedtrack helps you build a roadmap
on top of community insight

01. Intelligent Feedback Processing
Your community can share suggestions or report issues directly from any Discord channel. Our AI automatically processes all feedback for you by matching each item to a roadmap feature.
02. Community-Powered Roadmap
With the /roadmap command your users can see what's coming up and vote on the features they want the most, helping shape your roadmap while keeping you in control.
03. Engaging Feature Polls
Run polls to gather community preferences on specific features, gauge interest on a selection of roadmap features, or explore new ideas. A direct way to craft a product that resonates with your users.

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We're big believers in community-driven product building, and see it as the future of shaping digital experiences.

If you're building your product with a community (on Discord or not!), we'll be thrilled to welcome you as a design partner.

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